1.) Pick your squad!

Ours included my husband, brother, sister, mom, dad and myself. 4 or more people is a perfect group size if you’re looking for lots of laughs and if you want to play “Guess what I paid for all of this.” Going to the famers market is also a fun date idea. Make sure to bring cash and reusable shopping bags if you have them (I forgot ours at home this time).

2.) Get there early!

The Minneapolis Farmers Market is open from 6:00am-1:00pm daily from May until November! There seems to be less of a crowd before 10:00am on the weekends so it will be easier to find a parking spot and easier to walk around. I would be curious to see how this place is during the work week.


3.) Try something new for breakfast!

If you like croissants, I would highly recommend getting one here for breakfast! This almond one was so fresh and flakey! There are plenty of fun options!


4.) Buy produce and flowers!

Find what’s in season and buy it! You won’t find deals like this at the grocery store so take advantage! My top farmers market finds for fall are apples, squash, potatoes, and cucumbers! The dahlias and sunflowers are perfect too! What are your favorite farmers market finds for fall?



You can find more info about the Minneapolis Farmers Market on their website here: Minneapolis Farmers Market