I’m a huge fan of saving as much money as possible. I’ve been clipping coupons ever since I can remember, but when I got my first iPhone 3 years ago (thanks to my husband), I was able to take my savvy grocery shopping to a whole new level! It can be quite tedious at times, but for us it’s so worth it! Just by combining the old school coupons and taking advantage of the following apps, we usually save anywhere from 30%-75% off of our groceries each week and you can too! Here’s how:

Cartwheel: Download Cartwheel

This is an app that’s exclusive to Target and maybe you’re already using it! If not, you should download it because this app alone will save you anywhere from 5%-50% off certain items and that’s on top of your Redcard discount if you have one! Just browse the offers or search for items that you are planning on purchasing and add them to your list! Just like old school coupons, your offers do have an expiration date, but you can use these offers in conjunction with old school coupons (one manufacture coupon and one target coupon per item) and the original Target App! By combining as many discounts as you can, you’ll save a ton! Just make sure that you have all of your favorite offers added to your list at checkout and then have the cashier scan your Cartwheel barcode.

Tip: Your list has a limited number of coupon spots, you’ll gain more slots when you complete badges, so the badges are worth looking in to!


Shopkick: Download Shopkick

With this app, you’ll earn kicks for walking in to stores, linking your credit card (only if you want to earn kicks this way) and making purchases, by scanning products and buy buying specific items and scanning your reciept. Once you earn enough kicks, you can redeem them for prizes and gift cards! It can take a while to earn enough kicks to redeem them for something, but if you do a lot of shopping, why not?

Tip: If you go to the mall a lot, you can earn a decent amount of kicks just by walking by certain stores! Just make sure you have your bluetooth turned on!


Ibotta: Download Ibotta

Unlike the other 2 apps, this one is much better with a team! You can browse stores, find offers and unlock savings by doing simple tasks like answering a survey question or watching a short video clip. When you buy the products with offers, scan them and submit the receipt, you’ll earn money that you can use to buy gift cards or that you can deposit right into your Paypal account! If you’re a part of an active team, you’ll unlock cash bonuses together and earn more cash!

Tip: You can use all 3 of these apps at Target!


I’m also a huge fan of Ebates! Download Ebates

But ebates is used primarily as a way to earn cash back through online purchases. They just got on board with in-store cash back so I hope that their store selection will soon include grocery stores. If you like to shop online, you’ll want to download ebates for sure because they will give you cash back in the form of a check each quarter and lots of online retailers are included!

There are so many options to save money and so many awesome apps out there! These 4 are my favorites so far! What are your favorite apps for saving money? How do you like these ones?