Make Adjustments

Do you normally spend 40 percent of your income and save 60 percent? Try spending only 30 percent, saving 60 and putting the extra 10 towards something special. You don’t even need to cut out anything from your normal budget, just make small adjustments like using coupons and/or savings apps. (See my previous post on ways to do so here: How to Save and Earn Money at the Grocery Store With Your Smart Phone!


Pick a Reason and Set a Goal

What special thing have you been wanting, a new purse, concert tickets, maybe a trip up north? Find your reason for saving that extra money, figure out how much it will cost, set a goal, write it down, hang a picture on your fridge that makes you think of it if you want, and make it happen!


My Reason

When I was a kid, my reason for saving was usually concert tickets or a new instrument, as I got older it shifted to paying for college and after college it became travel. Experiencing as much of the world as I can is what makes me feel alive and I don’t think that this is ever going to change. New reasons for saving extra have also surfaced as time goes on, but as long as I budget for them, I don’t have to make any compromises in life and you shouldn’t have to either!


Enjoy the Reward

This past weekend we put our extra 10 percent towards a hiking trip up north! (Saving 25-40 percent on our groceries with coupons and apps each week adds up quick!) The fall colors were at peak and it was gorgeous! What reward(s) are you saving for?