What’s more budget friendly than a weekend getaway? A day trip! For the small cost of sandwiches and snacks, gas, and parking, you can have a full day of adventure close to home! This one is only about 60 miles northeast of the Twin Cities!


We love to take advantage of the fall colors by exploring nearby state parks! We have so many to choose from too! This weekend we chose the Wisconsin side of Interstate State Park which is located on the St. Croix River and it was beautiful! If you would like to stay longer than a day, there are options to camp onsite. You can find more info here: http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/state_parks/interstate/index.html

What are some of your favorite state parks and what do you like most about them? We really enjoyed the glacial potholes, hiking trails, fall colors and cliff side views at this one!


Photos courtesy of my husband Eric. You can see more of his awesome work here: http://www.ericvilendrerphotography.com