Meal prepping is a great way to save a lot of money and it can be super convenient if you bundle it with a dinner that you were already going to make. I always plan a meal for Sunday night and then I just buy and make 3-4 times the normal amount. One of the favorites at my place is baked chicken and cinnamon sweet potatoes with rice(burrito bowl salads and pasta work great too). It’s easy, healthy and reheats well. Going out for lunch can really add up fast, especially if you aren’t a fan of fast food. I generally have to spend $6-$10 if I go out somewhere for a lunch, but when I meal prep, each meal only costs $3-$5 and I know every ingredient that’s in it! If you figure that the average cost to go out is $8 and the average price to bring your own  lunch is $4, you’ll save 50% on your lunch! That’s $20 a week and $1040 per year! If you multiple that by the number of people in your home, you’ll really save a lot without having to make compromises! What would you do with that extra money? I would put it towards a vacation!