1.) As always, pick your squad first!

While this could be a great experience for solo exploration, a family or a large group, my husband and I love to go here just the two of us. It makes for a fun and semi-active date. If we had kids, we would definitely bring them along because there is so much to see and learn about nature!

2.) Wear something comfortable!

Some areas are very sunny while others are heavily shaded, so layers are a great idea! The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum has 12,000 acres and miles of nature trails for you to explore! There is also a 3 mile nature drive so you can choose how active you want to be on your adventure, but wear comfortable shows no matter what! We’ve done both the drive and the hike and both are nice. There are also shuttle buses availble. If you drive, you have multiple options to pull over, park and explore, but you’ll be able to experience so much more by taking the trails! If you’re bringing little ones on the trails, I would recommend bringing the stroller along too (just in case).


3.) Stop and smell the roses, daisies, or pine trees!

You can pretend it’s a race to get back to the entrance, or you can take your time and fully enjoy the beauty of nature! Take breaks, stop for pictures, smell the flowers, and read about all of the diverse species that grow and live at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum! We always learn something new when we go and you probably will too!

4.) When the seasons change, go back for another visit!

It’s amazing how different this place looks from season to season! This is pretty much the case for any place in Minnesota, but especially here because there is so much biodiversity! Check out the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum’s website here and plan your visit: Minnesota Landscape Arboretum  Like most, we prefer to visit in Spring to see the flowers bloom and Fall to see the leaves change. What time of year is your favorite to get out in nature and why?