Are you looking for a fun yet inexpensive way to bring some more life into your home?


Eric and I recently bought our first house so we’ve been looking for fun and budget-friendly ways to make it feel more like home. Succulent Centerpieces are the perfect addition! The options are endless so you can get really creative!

Here’s how to make your own:

1.) Find a unique container, or several. You may even already own some, if not shopping for one can be half the fun!

2.) Buy some cactus mix soil, soil cover, and succulents. We spent $9.00 on cactus soil and $5.00 for each soil cover. The succulents were $3.50 – $6.00 each at Bachman’s and Home Depot.

3.) Fill your container(s). We started with a layer of mixed rocks and sand, followed by a few inches of cactus mix soil. I’ve read mixed things on this, but everyone seems to agree that the middle layer should be cactus soil.

4.) Remove your succulents from their original containers and shake the current soil off of the roots as much as you can. This will allow the roots to start soaking up nutrients from their new soil right away.

5.) Dig holes that are deep enough for each plant and plant them.

6.) Add a decorative layer on top of the soil and around the plants. I used a spoon and small measuring cup.

7.) Admire your beautiful work of art.

8.) Bonus: Take a picture of your creation and share it on social media with #mysucculentcenterpiece . Let’s see that creativity!